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Contract Law

     Contracts are simply mutual promises made between people.  However, it can often be difficult to draft even a simple contract without the assistance of a trained and experienced professional, for reasons that are not readily apparent to most people.  For example, word choice and the use of pronouns can often create ambiguities in contracts that may later require court intervention to clarify.  Additionally, it can often be the case that what is not included in a contract can affect how it is interpreted and enforced, the same as what is included.  Finally, trained professionals can often help clients look down the road at potential problems or contingencies, in order to make written provisions in a contract to deal with those contingencies in advance, in clear writing, rather than having to litigate the meaning of the contract later, or litigate matters which could have been provided for initially. 


     The need for professional drafting is as essential in real estate contracts as it is in employment contracts, and is as essential in wills as it is in divorce agreements.  The more contingencies that can be addressed and set down in writing, the better understanding the parties to the contract will have as they move forward in their contractual relationship.  They will have a clear guideline as to what their rights, duties, responsibilities and remedies are under the agreement, and can often avoid having to resolve disagreements in a courtroom.  Our attorneys take great care to listen carefully to a client's concerns before preparing a contract, and then use our knowledge and skill to draft a document that addresses those concerns as thoroughly as possible, in clear, easy to understand language.


     Much of the litigation that occurs pertaining to contracts arises out of a lack of completeness or congruity in a contract - or even from the absence of a written contract at all.  Our attorneys excel at not only drafting contracts, but in litigating contractual disputes.  If you need a contract drafted, or have a dispute with someone over an agreement, let us put our expertise and experience to work for you.