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David J. McMahan, LLC

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Business hours

Monday through Friday, 9-5


(After hours and weekends by request)


Fee Schedules

Initial Consultations:

We offer initial consultations at no charge to our potential clients.  If, after consultation, you decide to take legal action, and choose to hire us to represent you, then a retainer may be required at the time you hire us.  


Real Estate Closings: 

Contact our office for a current fee sheet.  However, our policy is that we will meet or beat any local competitor's combined price for Attorney's fees, Title Examination fee and Title Insurance Premiums.


Personal Injury:

Our firm handles personal injury cases on a contingency basis - which means we are paid a portion or percentage of the money we recover for our client, plus any costs we may have incurred - such as filing fees, expert witnesses, etc.  However, in such cases, our clients do not pay unless we obtain a settlement or judgment in favor of our client. 


Probate Matters:

Our attorneys handle probate matters on a variety of fee schedules, including flat fees, percentage fees and hourly fees, depending upon the complexity of the matter, the size of the estate and the likelihood that protracted or complex litigation may ensue.  We will quote you a fee specific to your case after learning more about your case at a no-cost initial consultation.


Family Law Cases:

The Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit attorneys from handling family law matters for contingency fees, therefore we represent clients in family law matters on an hourly basis only.  Our attorneys charge $250 per hour in most cases to handle family law matters, and will quote you an initial retainer amount based upon the complexity of your case and the estimated time to complete some or all of the work involved.  The minimum retainer charged by our firm for certain family law matters is as follows (these retainers are only for attorney's fees, and do not include filing fees with the court or service fees to have the sheriff serve opposing parties with pleadings):

 - Uncontested Divorce without minor children from $500

 - Uncontested Divorce with minor children from $1,500

 - Contested divorce without minor children from $2,500

 - Contested divorce with minor children from $3,500

 - Contempt for non-payment of child support from $1,500


Criminal Defense and Other Litigation Matters:

Our attorneys represent clients in litigation matters at the hourly rate of $250.  We offer free consultations, and if you choose to hire us to represent you, we typically require a retainer to be paid in advance prior to commencing work on your case.  The amount of an initial retainer in a criminal or civil litigation matter is based upon the complexity of your case and the estimated time to complete the work involved.


Other Transactional Matters:

We handle most transactional matters, such as will preparation or corporation/LLC formation, for flat or set fee.  Our rates for certain transactional matters are as follows:

 - Simple Estate Plan (including Will and Healthcare Power of Attorney) from $450 per person

 - Formation of a corporation or LLC from $650 (excluding filing fees)

 - Deed Preparation with no title examination from $100 (plus recording costs)

 - Title examination with written opinion (not connected with a closing) from $125

 - Lease/Purchase Agreements from $500